A good story sticks in the mind in a way that unadorned facts might not. Using story in your marketing can capture the imagination and ensure patients spread your message by word of mouth. Think of the popular ‘Should’ve’ adverts from Specsavers. In 30 seconds a story unfolds, allowing viewers to use their imagination.

Here are three quick tips on using story in your own marketing.

  1. What’s your story? Imagine you’re telling someone about your practice, or even do it out loud and record what you say. Where did the practice begin, what are the human elements of your business story?
  2. What story do you want to create for the future? You can control how the story goes. Think about the impression people take away from your practice. What story will they tell their friends about the experience? Take time to write or say that story too. Go over the words on the page or in the recording and think about the key elements that come out. Is it the friendly staff, the family feeling of the practice, or the way you got to know the person’s lifestyle and met their needs.
  3. With these two stories in mind, think about how you tell the story of your business. A little imagination and story telling can enliven a practice website or flyer. Use the idea of beginning, middle and end in your marketing too. The beginning entices the person in, the middle gives them the main part of the story, and the end might encourage them to take a next step. Good stories often leave you wanting to know more.