4 Quick Wins: PR for your practice

  1. Walk the patient journey. If you want to promote your practice get a better understanding of what the patient sees, from the moment they think they might need eyecare or eyewear. Look at your website, presence in local media and on your street – how might they find your business? Call or email to book a test and see what happens. Walk into the practice with fresh eyes and see what you might need to promote to highlight your business strengths.
  2. Do you know your local media? Make a list of local magazines, TV stations, websites and radio shows. Find out who watches/reads/listens to them: ask for the advertising/media pack and they should be able to give you the demographics so you can see who best to target.
  3. Make a plan. What activities happen each month, in your practice, locally and in the wider world. You can tap into seasonal events and eye-focused awareness weeks and days to give yourself a ‘hook’ for your news story, ideally every month.
  4. Practice writing a press release email. You need to be punchy and include the ‘who, what, where, when, why and how’ in an email. Don’t send attachments and stick to the point. Aim to build a relationship with editors and journalists, so always address them by name if you can.