Get the facts: consumer rights

A consumer is entitled to the following if a product or service supplied is defective:

  • Refund: the consumer may reject the goods within first 30 days and obtain a refund. The practice should bear the cost of the return. The refund should be processed within 14 days and made in the same way that the consumer paid.
  • Replacement: If the consumer opts for a replacement, the 30-day period to reject the goods is halted while that replacement is provided or repair undertaken. If after one repair, the product is not of satisfactory quality (i.e. does not deliver what was promised under the contract), then the consumer is entitled to a refund or request further repairs.
  • A Partial Refund: The reduced price should reflect the elements or extent to which the product does not meet the contractual requirements.

Where the purchase is made online, there are additional consumer rights regarding entitlement to reject the goods.

‘Defective’ means that the product is not of satisfactory quality in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Fit for purposes (general purpose or specific purpose made known to the practice)
  2. Appearance and finish
  3. Free from minor defects
  4. Safe
  5. Last for a reasonable time
  6. Taking into account price, description and relevant circumstances

If problem arises in first six months, then presumption that defect was present at the time of the supply.