Data Security and Protection Toolkit Update

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) has replaced the Information Governance Toolkit (IGT) as NHS Digital’s (formerly HSCIC) compliance check for information governance.

LOCSU and the Optical Confederation have been working with NHS Digital to simplify this process as much as possible with the result that the DSPT can now be completed within QiO if preferred. Please see information from NHS Digital below:

Well done for starting to think about your data security and the Data Security and Protection Toolkit. The Data Security and Protection Toolkit has replaced the IG Toolkit and is an online self-assessment of data security in your organisation. It is required to access NHS Mail, Referrals and local electronic record sharing projects.

NHS Digital has worked to support the optical sector to complete a DSP toolkit in a number of ways which will give you some options about how to complete your DSPT. We are also running a range of web training events throughout February and March, details available at and videos which can be watched on demand.

 There is other help and support available, with some example materials (primarily developed for Care Sector but map quite well across)  

Options for completion:

 1)         If you want to complete a DSPT now, register on the site and work through the Toolkit questions. Once you have completed the questions you can publish your toolkit to complete it. If you are part of a chain, would like to complete an identical toolkit for your branches and can wait until the end of February, email and they will set up a HQ site so you can develop a master submission for all your sites.

2)         If you want to complete the DSP Toolkit questions as part of the Quality in Optometry tool make sure you have completed all the mandatory questions and we will ensure it is displayed on the DSP Toolkit site so that you can show your commissioner and partners that you have completed the DSP Toolkit.

 For option 2 (QiO) completion there are two possible checklists for completion: the Optical DSPT checklist, and the NHSmail checklist. You can view the new DSPT tab with instructions for completion via this link.

The date for completion is 31st March 2019 (and then annually) unless otherwise advised.

If you have any queries please contact