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Continuing Education and Training

There is a statutory scheme for dispensing opticians and optometrists who wish to maintain registration with the General Optical Council. The scheme runs in three-year periods, and the current three-year period will end on 31 December 2021. All dispensing opticians and optometrists will have to gain 36 CET credits by December 2021, for continued registration.

For CET events visit the Events section of the ABDO website.


5 Kingsford Business Centre
Layer Road
Colchester C02 0HT

  • ABDO CET email addressOpen

    Please note the ABDO CET office has changed its email address from and to

  • CET OnlineOpen

    To find Online CET follow these instructions:

    1.       Log on to the member’s area as usual.

    2.       You will then be presented with a screen with two links.

    3.       You will need to click on the link that displays the ABDO logo with “Secure Membership Portal (WAM)”.

    4.       You may be directed to a page where you are required to re-enter your membership number and password.

    5.       You will be presented with a blue and white screen displaying your contact information. On the left hand side there is a list of links to areas of the membership portal. Scroll down the page to the heading “ABDO CET”.

    6.       Click the link below titled “CET Online”.

    7.       This will take you to a page where you can select which CET quiz you would like to take.


    Should you experience problems logging in to the Members’ Area, or are unable to access certain pages, click here for technical advice; or refer to information in ‘Related Documents’ below.

  • How to use the online booking system for ABDO CET eventsOpen

    For details of how to book online for ABDO CET events click here.

  • Generate your own CETOpen

    The GOC have made it possible for registrants to gain CET points without relying on an approved CET Provider. Any registrant can set up a discussion group in a workplace or other appropriate location, provided that approval is gained before the date of the group meeting.

    The ABDO CET department has produced a simple guide, ‘Generate your own CET‘, that outlines how to set up a discussion group in your practice.

  • GOC CET guide for registrantsOpen

    The General Optical Council has produced a guide for registrants explaining the new CET requirements; to view the guide select the link in ‘Related Documents’ below.

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