Working with Local Organisations: 4 Quick Wins

Building better links with other organisations allows you to better help patients and can bring you new business too. Read on for some ideas to help you kick start a better local network.

  1. Ask a member of staff to gather together details of all the different local organisations in the area that you might refer patients to for further support. Involve the whole team and take time to brainstorm ideas.
  2. Focus on your specialist services, and get a good range of items in stock such as low vision equipment that you can have on display.
  3. Hold a practice open day or evening. Prepare by inviting in other professionals such as GPs, rehab officers and occupational therapists, the eye clinic liaison officer from your local hospital, staff and volunteers from local charities. Invite them to bring information and promotional materials to share with others.
  4. Gather contact details from the event and follow up with an email about your practice services.