ABDO peer-to-peer mentoring scheme

Sharing knowledge and expertise is fundamental to our progress both as individuals and for the profession.
We want you to get the most out of this platform. Use the guides and tools available on the platform to help you, whether you are a mentor, mentee or both.

By building a strong mentoring relationship, you can develop great insights into areas you are less familiar with and explore needs and issues in a confidential, trusting environment.

For mentors, this is the chance to give back, and share your experience and knowledge with someone who is ready and willing to learn from the exchange.


How can I benefit from having a mentor?

• Receive impartial advice and encouragement
• Develop a supportive relationship
• Get assistance with problem solving
• Improve your self-confidence
• Work together on your professional development
• Reflect together on your practice
• Develop the capabilities and skills needed to succeed in our dynamic optical sector
• Get help to identify your strengths and the best way to use these in your eyecare career
• Get help to identify and overcome your weaknesses
• Gain insight into the routes available to achieve your career goals
• Access support, professional development, guidance and networking opportunities
• Overcome challenges with the support of a mentor who has been through the same experiences


How can I benefit from mentoring others?

• Develop your coaching and mentoring skills, which can contribute towards your continuing professional development (CPD) plan
• Discover the opportunity to reflect on your own practice
• Enhance your job satisfaction
• Develop professional relationships
• Enhance peer recognition
• Use your experience to benefit others
• Widen your understanding of the optical sector and the way it works
• Practice interpersonal skills
• Find personal satisfaction through supporting the development of others
• Use your communication and leadership skills and industry knowledge
• Uncover a new perspective on your professional and personal experiences
• Gain satisfaction from helping others to overcome challenges
• Develop new skills through the process of ‘Reverse Mentoring’
• Networking opportunities with other members


How does it work and how do I join?

Once your account has been set up, you will be prompted to complete a profile form, which will enable mentors and mentees to be matched based on areas of common interest and experience.

The ABDO Peer-to-Peer Mentoring platform contains resources and tools to help mentees and mentors in their mentoring relationship.

Find out more: abdo.onpld.com