Nystagmus Network offers free interactive CET

Practitioners looking to acquire interactive CET points before the 31 December 2021 CET cycle deadline may be interested to learn that the Nystagmus Network is offering interactive CET points via a series of free webinars.

The webinars take place on 7, 8 and 9 December and each will offer one interactive CET point.

On 7 December, Gemma Arblaster will present: ‘Investigating and managing nystagmus in the orthoptic clinic’.

On 8 December, Jayshree Vasani will present: ‘Solutions for patients with nystagmus’.

On 9 December, Sue Ricketts will present: ‘One in 1,000 things you never knew about nystagmus’.

To register for all or any of the webinars, visit the Nystagmus Network website.