Update on RFU Goggles

Over the past four years, ABDO members in England have been successfully dispensing sports goggles to children under the age of 14 to play rugby. During that period in excess of 250 children have been dispensed appropriately fitting prescription goggles which has provided children with the opportunity to participate rather than be excluded on the premise they needed to wear corrective eyewear.

At the time of inception, the RFU took the decision after consultation with ABDO to withdraw from the global trial based on the fact they and ABDO did not agree with a one size fits all approach. Clearly the opportunity to create choice and ensure professional input was wise and done so in the best interests of both the player and opponents.

Whilst World Rugby has now altered their rules to allow the specified goggles to be used, the RFU will continue with the trial during the course of the current season.

ABDO will continue to engage with the RFU to establish the steps thereafter.

Key stats from survey of members who dispensed rugby goggles in England

  • 74% of children dispensed were between 8 and 11 years’ old
  • 59% of lenses were polycarbonate and 38% Trivex
  • One unspecified injury occurred during wear
  • 51% cost between £70-£100 with 43% above £100
  • 90% played immediately with the new goggles

For further information please contact Max Halford mhalford@abdolondon.org.uk or 07506 328571

*Under review October 2019*