With a minefield of telecommunication companies out there, it can be a daunting challenge for business owners to identify the most cost effective option for their business.

Even within a single site business, there could be several telecoms and mobiles contracts to manage across multiple service providers.  With so many variables to consider and with suppliers/networks presenting quotations in different ways, you may look to the option of outsourcing telecoms management to experts who can advise the most suitable options for you and your business.

Beaconplus act as a “one point of contact” for their client’s telecommunications.  Experts within the industry for the past 20 years, their clients have peace of mind that they can turn to Beaconplus with any issues that may arise.  Examples of the support are detailed below:

Diarise contracts and serving notice

Each telecoms contract, whether for a line, calls, broadband, mobiles, system/maintenance, often has an individual contract end date.  A missed contract end date would result in a lost opportunity for making savings.  Beaconplus keep track of all contracts for their clients to ensure they maximise the opportunity to make savings for their clients.

Tender and negotiations

With so many service providers in the market, it is important to know which providers you can trust to sign up with.

When business owners tender their contracts, it’s important to realise that quotations can be presented differently from supplier to supplier.  It is important that you have a clear understanding of the quotations so that you are not hit by any hidden fees part way through the contract period.

Through experience and a variety of contacts within the industry, Beaconplus have a strong understanding of the telecoms suppliers and are fully aware of the trusted suppliers to work with.

Beaconplus have built up a trusted group of telecoms providers and obtain preferential rates for their clients that are highly competitive.

Line/calls transfers and porting numbers

It’s vitally important for any business that telecoms transfers/ports are successful to avoid downtime. Beaconplus monitor the transfers for their clients very closely and keep the clients fully informed and aware of key dates.

Invoice Analysis

Billing errors occur with all telecoms companies, whether it be overcharged rates, hidden rates or incorrect usage, you are highly likely to find problems with telecoms invoices.

Beaconplus thoroughly analyse every supplier invoice that their client receives.  Any issues with rental charges, rates or usage are dealt with by Beaconplus who spend the time to raise these issues with the supplier on behalf of the clients.  Beaconplus ensure that any identified overcharges are credited directly back to their clients.

Reviewing system quotes

There are many companies who do not have the most suitable and cost efficient phone system for their business requirements. Business owners should ensure they don’t pay more than they need to for a phone system.  Beaconplus assist their clients in firstly sourcing the best solution for them and then secondly, negotiate a competitive price before presenting their clients with a detailed cost comparison with the various options.

Technical support

Beaconplus act as the point of contact for their clients when they experience a telecoms fault saving their clients significant time and hassle.  Beaconplus investigate and check on faults with the service provider.  Beaconplus will setup diverts for their clients whenever required to ensure their clients have minimal disruption to their business.

In addition, Beaconplus support their clients with new network and line installations whenever required.

Please view the company website including testimonials and case studies from a variety of industries.

Call Beaconplus today on 01565 755600 to get started, and speak to Andy Hurst or Lee Robinson and quote “ABDO Member.”  Alternatively, e-mail abdo@beaconplus.co.uk for more information.

Outsourcing your telecommunication management is an excellent way to streamline your supplier contracts and invoicing whilst saving you significant time and money.

Beaconplus only charge their clients if they can achieve savings and they will give a discount to ABDO members taking up the service.