Are you getting the best value on your business utilities and telecoms?

As with all business, there is room for negotiation with utilities and telecoms.  Use Beaconplus to review your existing arrangements without paying an up-front fee.  If they can’t find you a saving, they will not charge for their analysis.  You will then have peace of mind that you are paying a fair price for utilities and telecoms.

It’s a jungle out there! Why external consultants can help you.

There is a minefield of utilities and telecoms suppliers, some of whom can be trusted and some you wouldn’t want to touch with a barge pole.  An external consultant has the experience and the contacts to ensure that you sign up with reliable suppliers/providers.  External consultants are also alive to the way suppliers hide some of their charges in their quotations.  Don’t be caught out and hit with add on charges part way through a contract.

What can Beaconplus do?

Beaconplus can assist you with electric, gas, landlines, broadband, systems, mobiles, water and business rates.  If you appoint Beaconplus, you have peace of mind that they can handle all these areas for you allowing you to focus on your core business.

How can I save money through Beaconplus?

Typically, Beaconplus save their clients around 35% on utilities and telecoms.  Due to Beaconplus’ large client base (over 2,500 clinical sites), they have access to prices/arrangements that their clients wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Why Beaconplus instead of an online comparison website?

Comparison websites typically take a commission from the suppliers and the suppliers build the commission into the rates that the customer pays to the supplier.  Beaconplus are completely independent and do not take commission.  In effect this ensures that their clients obtain the most competitive rates in the market.  In addition, the comparison websites simply sort the contracts whereas Beaconplus offer their clients the additional account management support.

Why should businesses consider using an energy and telecoms consultant?

The answer to this question can vary from business to business.  For larger companies, hiring someone in-house is a good solution, but for many SME’s with less time and resources, it makes sense to utilise experts with a wide variety of experience that a consultancy offers. This wealth of experience is highly beneficial in finding detailed solutions to complex energy and telecoms problems that may not be answered without taking a wider approach to the business.

An external consultant can significantly save your company time and money and give you peace of mind that industry experts are in full control of these areas on your behalf.

Beaconplus manage and reduce telecommunication and utility costs on a performance basis (across thousands of clinical practices in the UK), typically saving 34%.  They now work with over 2,500 clinical sites across the UK.

Beaconplus appreciate that energy and telecoms is not your “core business” but it is theirs.

What additional benefit do I get as a member of ABDO?

As an ABDO member, you are entitled to a discount on Beaconplus’ standard fee. Beaconplus only charge their clients if they can achieve savings and they will give a discount to ABDO members taking up the service.

Please view the company website including testimonials and case studies from a variety of industries.

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