Through its brand Neyeture, CentroStyle, distributed by Optical Centre Supplies Ltd in the UK, pays particular attention to sustainability from product to packaging.

It is dedicated to a globetrotting public, sensitive to the green issue and which often bases its purchasing choices on their environmental impact.

This is why Neyeture presents itself with a complete range of Rilsan frames with magnetic clip-ons to respond, with a single product, to every need of use. On a larger scale CentroStyle is involved in projects both within and external to the business to embrace and encourage sustainability.

Helping our environment

Each sale of Neyeture eyewear, supports Blue Eco Lines’s River Cleaner. This project plans the creation this year in Italy of the first fully automated machine, powered by energy produced from renewable sources, to collect plastic from rivers.

Thanks to an image recognition system, based on artificial intelligence, the machine identifies the presence of waste, extracts it to correctly proper dispose or recycle it, 24 hours a day, with zero emissions.


Neyeture is a stunning collection of Eco-Friendly frames with a magnetic clip-on. The frames themselves are made with Rilsan – a biobased Polyamide derived from over 45% Castor Oil.

Each frame is supplied with a microfibre cloth made of 70% re-cycled plastic bottles, a frame case made of 100% re-cycled bottles and a clip-on case made of 35% Rilsan, the same material as the frame itself.

All beautifully presented in a box made with ecological card.

Even the POS is Eco-Friendly. The display stand is made from FSC cardboard with wood inlays and the show cards from ecological card.

Our Eco-friendly Head Quarters in Vedano Olona, Italy.

In our packaging department we use 100% biodegradable and compostable poly bag air filler inside cardboard boxes, which are then sealed with paper tape and our frames are packed in 100% bio-degradable & compostable polybags.

Sales Agents drive Hybrid cars and have joined Eco Miles to reduce carbon footprint of all company cars by supporting WeForest – an environmental conservation organisation that sponsors tree planting in Zambia.
And finally, our vending machines are plastic free, using only Tetra-Pack and canned drinks and plastic bottled water has been replaced by the supply of filtered water.