2016 – 2018 CET Cycle

The GOC has announced that 97% of registrants met the CET requirements for the 2016-2018 cycle, and are now in the process of contacting all registrants who did not. If you fall into this category the GOC will provide you with the opportunity to apply for exceptional circumstances or dispute the record the GOC holds.

If you are contacted by the GOC with regard a shortfall in your CET requirements, but you have evidence to the contrary, you may be in a position to dispute the GOC record. This includes if you gained all the required CET points, competencies and other requirements during the last cycle, but the CET provider has not uploaded the points for you to accept in time, you can submit the evidence of this to the GOC.

All registrants who are not able to successfully demonstrate to the GOC a satisfactory reason for not completing the required CET, will be expected to be removed from the GOC register in March or April 2019. If you are removed from the GOC register you are no longer eligible to practice and must cease immediately, inform your employer and your indemnity insurance provider. The GOC will inform you of all the requirements for re-registration, including any CET requirements. Please contact ABDO CET if you require guidance on obtaining CET points for re-registration.