ABDO VP Jo Holmes has a call to action for all DOs

Have you heard about the General Optical Council’s Education Strategic Review? We need you to take action and respond to the consultation.

ABDO VP Jo Holmes explains more in the video below.


These are just some of the reasons why ABDO is concerned about the proposals in the consultation:

  • The GOC has deemed the minimum standard for education for a DO at Level 5 according to the Handbook (1). The vast majority of registered DOs and ABDO members have achieved Level 6 so ABDO is concerned that the regulator is setting minimum standards at a lower level than FBDO graduates currently achieve.
  • Proposals may see an increase in the number of examining bodies and the potential to make all assessments internal – lack of independent, rigorous assessment will inevitably drive down standards and put the public at risk.
  • A lack of innovation in the review: we would have expected to see refraction as a delegated function, MECS, screening, monitoring etc. which will have a detrimental impact on service delivery.
  • The wording of Learning Outcomes does not stipulate the depth and breadth of subject matter which may mean a driving down of educational standards.

Follow this link to read the consultation document and submit your own response.  You have until 25th February.

To discuss the ESR in more depth please contact  Debbie McGill on 07506 337401.

  1. Guidelines for the approval and quality assurance of routes to GOC registration for Dispensing Opticians