Free webinar on assistive technology

Sight & Sound Technology are running a free webinar on technology for the visually impaired on Thursday 30 April.

Julian Jackson, who uses assistive technology, said: “I really appreciate how enabling tech and devices can be in terms of greater mobility, independence, connectivity, navigation, education and employment opportunities, mental health and emotional wellbeing for the visually impaired and those with other sensory impairments.

“I support Sight and Sound Technology – with no commercial interest – in helping to maximise patient and end-user access to technology.

“I am constantly in touch with a wide range of patient support groups and voluntary sector organisations, local councils and membership groups, eye health and other healthcare professionals, QTVIs, consultants and many others.

“We continue to deliver assistive technology updates – all free of charge and non CET accredited – via Zoom for the above groups.

“Traction and interest is growing as providers, healthcare professionals and patients remain at home – but who wish to stay up-to-date with emerging and innovative software and hardware solutions for the visually impaired and other sensory impaired communities.”

The Zoom webinar takes place at 6pm GMT on Thursday 30 April and is relevant for both practitioners and the visually impaired.

The title is: ‘If only I’d known. An introduction to technology for the visually impaired’.

Register here.