Help to work for deafblind people

Sight and hearing loss charity, Deafblind UK, has launched a scheme to help people develop the practical skills and positive mindset needed to find jobs. 

The 12-week course aims to motivate people who have both sight and hearing loss to gain paid or voluntary work or training.

Simone Moore, director of operations said: “We estimate there are 100,000 people who are of working age and deafblind in the UK yet only 20 per cent are in employment. We know there are barriers to employment for people who are deafblind and it’s not just the physical difficulties. 

“Sight and hearing loss presents many different challenges to daily life and as a result, people often find their confidence, social skills and energy levels take a hit – all skills that you need to find and hold down a job.”

The online course includes group learning and one-to-one sessions. Delegates will be offered external mentors who will continue to support them for three months after the programme ends.

The course is free and open to anyone affected by combined sight and hearing loss, aged 18 to 60, living in the UK and not in employment.

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