Optics helps lead charge to net zero emissions

The optical industry is backing a call for all small businesses to “lead the charge to net zero emissions” as part of the UK government’s Together for our Planet Business Climate Leaders campaign.

The campaign was launched in May by the prime minister and business secretary, and calls on every small business in the UK to take small, practical steps to cut their emissions as part of the UK’s journey to net zero by 2050, in the run up to UN Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow this November.

It comes with a drive to encourage small and micro businesses to commit to cutting their emissions in half by 2030 and to net zero by 2050 or sooner through the new UK Business Climate Hub.

Daryl Newsome, ABDO vice president, said: “ABDO is at the forefront of optics’ drive to become more sustainability. The ABDO National Clinical Committee – in collaboration with all senior staff – launched the inaugural Social, Ethical and Environmental (SEE) Summit in line with government thinking and timescales. We are well ahead with our plans to help all in the industry reduce, re-use and recycle the plastics we use to produce products and examine eyes.”

Booking are now open for the optical sector’s inaugural SEE Summit on the Environment to be held on 4 October 2021. Book here.

Any individuals or companies with environmental initiatives they would like to showcase in the run-up to (or at) the event, are invited to get in touch with Antonia Chitty, ABDO head of communications and IT, by emailing achitty@abdo.org.uk

To get involved with or support the event, email Alistair Bridge, ABDO head of strategy, by emailing abridge@abdo.org.uk

OSA launches Sustainability Committee

The SEE Summit is supported by the Optical Suppliers Association (OSA), which has launched a Sustainability Committee.

The first OSA Sustainability Committee meeting takes place on Friday 23 July, and will be chaired by OSA chairman Stuart Burn. All OSA members are welcome to attend to discuss ways forward for the optical manufacturing sector.

Stuart said: “This is a vital piece of work for all our members to get behind. We all have a duty to reduce the negative impacts we impose on our environment and give our generation and future generations a pathway to sustainability.”

OSA members who wish to attend are asked to email mmacritchie@osa-uk.co.uk