SEE Summit keynote speaker announced

Nick Bridge

The keynote speaker for the SEE Summit on the Environment will be Nick Bridge.

Nick is the foreign secretary’s special representative for climate change and is directing the UK’s global diplomatic climate change work, currently focused on UKCOP26.

Nick said: “The urgent and compelling need to tackle climate change is clear to us all. The UN Climate Change conference – COP26 – will be hosted by the UK in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November 2021 and bring together heads of state, officials, campaigners & business to make new commitments that can help us avoid catastrophic impacts.

“Ahead of COP26, the UK is working round the clock with partners around the world – every country, sub national governments and cities, businesses, and a full array of civil society – to reach the most ambitious possible agreement in key areas such as finance, energy, transport and nature, and limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.

“I am delighted therefore to support the UK optical sector’s SEE Summit for the Environment, which will provide practical ideas and support for eye care practitioners, practice owners and suppliers so they can minimise their carbon footprints and contribute to a sustainable global economy for the benefit of current and future generations.”

Book your place at the inaugural SEE Summit on the Environment on 4 October 2021 to hear more from Nick and gain inspiring and practical tips from a range of key figures in the industry.

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