Volunteers sought for Special Schools Project

New heads will be used for training

ABDO is seeking children volunteers for a Special Schools Project it is undertaking with NHS England, to deliver vital eye health care and high quality dispensing to children in special schools.

For this project, the Association is seeking volunteer children of different ages, ethnicities and with certain medical conditions, to allow the project team to create anatomically correct model heads, which can be used to train eyecare professionals in delivering this vital service.

The project aims to enable all children to realise their full social and educational potential in preparation for adulthood, and encourage them to access eyecare services throughout their lives.

The criteria for volunteers below (ages are subject to variation) are:

  • Five-year-old: ideally of Chinese ethnicity
  • Eight-year-old: ideally of African Caribbean ethnicity
  • Twelve-year-old child with cerebral palsy
  • Fourteen-year-old child with Down’s syndrome

The project will be carried out at the ABDO National Resource Centre, which is based in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Alicia Thompson, director of professional examinations, said: “We are delighted to be involved in such a worthwhile project with NHS England. These paediatric heads will support us in delivering specific training to those interested in both the Special Schools Project, and more generally gaining confidence in paediatric dispensing for all children.”

Those who think they may be able to support the project and/or take part are asked to email reception@abdonrc.org.uk for further information.