C10.2.6 Patient Record Cards

C10.2.6 ABDO takes the view that it is the duty of all registered dispensing opticians to ensure that information of a personal nature entrusted to their care be treated as confidential and divulged only with the patient’s consent or when disclosure is required by law. Recorded information should include:

1. Full name, address and daytime telephone number.
2. Date of birth.
3. Occupation (necessary knowledge for giving advice and guidance in dispensing spectacles).
4. Recreation (for the same reasons as occupation).
5. General practitioner’s name and address.
6. The prescription.
7. Measurements, tints, coatings etc, facial measurements and centration distances.
8. Details of any other services provided – i.e. low vision aids.
9. Charges and fees. Note: If the General Optical Council (GOC) requests information from the dispensing optician, the dispensing optician should, subject to any statutory restrictions, promptly give the GOC the information that is requested. If such information is not supplied within fourteen days the GOC may seek a court order requiring that the information be produced (unless this is prohibited by any other enactment e.g. the Data Protection Act.)