Eco materials at the heart of Charmant’s Esprit ecollection

In 2017, CHARMANT launched the new and forward-thinking Esprit ecollection. Since then, the manufacturer has established different sustainable materials in this collection. Now, the collection features two different sustainable materials: Ocean plastic and M49 cellulose acetate.

Ocean plastic is 100% made from the plastic debris that spoils our precious oceans, coastlines and waterways. This smart and inspiring recycling action reduces pollution and avoids the production of new plastic. Eyewear engineers refashion waste into nickel-free, corrosion-free, safe material that is perfect for the creation of lightweight, well-fitting sunglasses.

M49 cellulose acetate is produced from fibers of cottonseeds and wood as well as plasticisers deriving from natural and renewable sources. These raw materials are mixed, coloured and crafted into acetate sheets in Italy by Mazzucchelli – one of the world’s most acclaimed manufacturers in this field. The result is a lustrous, high-quality natural acetate that is biodegradable and compatible with polycarbonate lenses. It is so much kinder to our planet.

But it’s not only about frames. The ecollection comes with a whole concept. Eco-friendly designs deserve ecological packaging: Each ecollection frame comes in a sustainable case made from recycled paper. It has been specially shaped to be shipped flat and prevent shipping of empty space, reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Another highlight: With ecollection Esprit eyewear supports the NGO WeForest and its global mission to restore forest landscapes. For every frame of this line which has been sold since the launch of this collection, a new tree is planted.

As a manufacturer, CHARMANT is aware, that there is more to do. Our new CSR policy is taking us further on the journey in a measurable way. More and more initiatives will accompany us on our way to more sustainability.