Avizor launches myopia control CET webinar series

Avizor will launch a free myopia control CET webinar series for UK eyecare professionals on Thursday 6 May (6.30-7.30pm).

Gary Daniels, general manager UK and Ireland for Avizor, said: “Anecdotally our ECP network has all witnessed a rise in child myopia cases in the UK over the past few years, especially in the past year during Covid. The general view is that locked down children were exposed to more screen time, both for school and play.

“It’s not all bad news as, in 2021, many of the UK’s leading manufacturers are launching, or have launched, myopia control devices, either glasses lenses or contact lenses. There is now a clear choice for ECP’s to talk parents through of myopia control glasses, day contact lenses or night contact lenses [orthokeratology].

“More time outdoors is also proven to help control myopia. With this surge in cases, and a fantastic new choice of devices coming onto the market, the timing seemed right for Avizor to step up and do our bit to deliver timely CET to enable our ECPs to deliver better care with up-to-date education and training.”

The first webinar will be presented by optometrist Scott Brown, clinical director of Scotlens.

Scott said: “My dad, who was also an optometrist, designed some of the earliest ortho-k lenses in the 1970s. I’ve followed in his footsteps as an optometrist who designs lenses and have been fitting ortho-k since 2003. Over the years, I, along with colleagues who also fit our lenses, have seen remarkable results with controlling myopia in children. But it has been a hard slog for us all over the decades.

“In 2021, the tide feels like it is turning. With a good choice of myopia control devices on the market for patients, glasses and lenses, ECPs will find it easier to have important discussions with parents about myopia progression without feeling like a sales person for a particular device.

“All UK ECPs have a responsibility to inform patients about myopia progression. It is vital therefore that they are up-to-date. Myopia is a global tidal wave that isn’t going away so I congratulate Avizor on ‘stepping up’ to deliver a much needed CET webinar series, and I’m delighted to be involved in the first one. I’d encourage all ECPs interested to register.”

The content of the final two webinars in June and November will be determined by feedback, questions and demand generated from the first webinar.

“Myopia control is certainly going to be the important topic in 2021 with some very important #MYOPIAchat required. Avizor is delighted to be proactive, doing our bit,” Gary added.

Register for the webinar here.