Enhanced Vision and Optelec Merge

Optelec Ltd. and Enhanced Vision Europe Ltd. have announced that they are joining together to form the UK’s premier low vision products company. Both businesses have a long history of supplying innovative technology solutions that enable low vision individuals to reach their full potential – to gain the most from their education, obtain and prosper in employment, succeed in professional careers, and live independently throughout their lives. They are particularly proud of how they serve the elderly low vision community when they use their products to support their rehabilitation.

The combined company will be able to offer customers a broad portfolio of their well-known brands of video magnifiers, scanning and reading solutions, and wearables; including the Freedom Scientific range of hardware products. In addition they are the proud suppliers of the widely used Schweizer range of optical magnifying products.

They are retaining their two offices in Watford and Ilkeston, their administration staff, sales and service teams. They will be known as Optelec Ltd. locally but all of the brands have their own clearly defined place in the market with distinctive design and features.

They have thought of some questions you may have; if you have a more specific question please contact them.

What changes can you expect? We are expecting minimal changes to either brand. However, in co-ordination with our territory managers, Sarah Kitson will be arranging events for both brands.

Both offices will be retaining there local landline number. They will also be a linked using the same Free Phone number, we can transfer you internally to a specific member of staff should you wish.

Will your point of contact change? No, if are in regular contact with a member of our team please continue to do so.

Should you order differently? No. Continue ordering as you do, with the person you do so. Our invoices will change slightly to incorporate both brands.

Can an Enhanced Vision consultant help me with an Optelec product and vice versa? Absolutely, our team are in regular communication with each other and will only be to happy to help you with all of our brands – Enhanced Vision, Optelec, Freedom Scientific and Schweizer.

Who will invoice me? Invoices will be issued by Optelec Ltd

For those new to a particular brand, here are teams members and the roles they hold:

Internal Sales Administation: Lea Brookes, Rona Barkes, Tracy Pugh

Marketing and Events: James Fossey, Sarah Kitson

Service and Repairs: Tim Beard, Ralph Caton

Territory and Sales Consultants:
Paul Bartley, George Brownlie, Mark Silver, Ed Teall, Giles Carpenter, Mark Sturgess, Ben Wheeler

Key Account Management: Paul Fletcher (MD), James Fossey