Contact lenses

Contact lenses

Contact lenses

R13.1.1 See Clinical Guidance on Fitting (C 5.1.2)

R13.2.1 See Clinical Fitting of Powered Contact Lens (C 5.1.5)

R13.3.1 See Clinical Information on Legal Matters (C5.1.10)

R13.4.1 See Clinical Advice – Supply of Powered Contact Lenses (C5.2.1)

R13.5.1 See Clinical Guidance – Supply of Powered Contact Lenses (C 5.2.2)

R13.6.1 See Clinical Supervision – Supply of Contact Lenses (C 5.2.3)

R13.7.1 See Clinical General Direction – Supply of Contact Lenses (C 5.2.4)

R13.8.1 Aftercare – Supply of Contact Lenses (C 5.2.5)

R13.9.1 Fitting & Supply of Zero Powered Contact Lenses (C 5.3.1)