Rejoining the register

If you are returning to work after a break and intend to re-join the GOC register, the GOC restoration CET and other requirements must be met. To start the process of restoration to the register you should:

  1. Contact the GOC’s Registration department. They will tell you how many CET points you must gain before restoration, what competencies you must address and how many points are required to be interactive.
  2. Ask the GOC for a ‘U-number’. This will identify you to CET providers so that you can accrue CET points before you receive your new GOC D-number.
  3. If you are not already a member, join ABDO. This will allow you to have access to all membership benefits, including Personal Indemnity Insurance (PII) at best rates. PII is a requirement for all GOC registrants. Other membership benefits include but are not restricted to: free or low cost CET, legal support and a monthly copy of Dispensing Optics. Contact ABDO Membership for a full list of member benefits.

For more information about restoring to the GOC register visit the GOC website

Updating your information

When you are finally back on the register you will be provided with a brand new GOC number. If you are an ABDO member, please don’t forget to update this information via the membership portal. This will ensure you continue to obtain CET points from any sessions you complete that are provided by ABDO CET.

Obtaining your shortfall in CET points to gain re-registration

ABDO CET provide several ways to help you obtain CET points:

ABDO Regional CET events

If you are an ABDO member you have free-of-charge access to ABDO regional CET events. Here you will be able to obtain interactive CET points covering a range of competencies whist networking with your peers at a location near you. A limited number of competitively priced places are available for non-members visit the ABDO Events listing page.

Online CET

Visit the online CET page to see what online CET is currently available from ABDO CET

Further information

ABDO CET can support members wishing to re-register with the GOC.
Contact ABDO CET on 01206 734155 or abdocet@abdo.org.uk if you need assistance.