Final warning (discipline)

Add/delete information in brackets as appropriate

[add date]


Private and confidential

[add address]


Dear [add name]

Further to our meeting on [add date], which was held to discuss your conduct, I write to summarise our discussion and confirm the outcome.

[[add name] was also present at the meeting]. You [were accompanied at the meeting by [add name]] or [chose not to be accompanied at the meeting].

I explained to you the Company’s concern with your conduct. You will recall that we discussed [state the precise nature of the misconduct or of the complaint and include reference to any previous warnings that are still applicable].

You said in response [summarise what the individual said in their defence].

I informed you that we required you to [state the improvement required, how this might be achieved and any assistance that will be provided].

Your conduct will be closely monitored over the next [state timescale] and a review will take place on [add date].

In accordance with the Company’s discipline procedure, this letter constitutes a final warning in respect of your conduct. A note of this warning will be kept on file but will be considered “spent” for disciplinary purposes after a period of [12] months. Should your conduct not meet the required improvement by the review date or if, while this warning is live, there is any [further misconduct / cause for complaint] of a similar nature, further disciplinary action will be taken, which could lead to your dismissal.

In line with Company procedures, you have the right to appeal against this decision.  If you wish to do so, you should write to [add name and title of person who will deal with the appeal] at [add address] within five working days of receiving this letter, detailing the grounds for your appeal.

Yours sincerely


[add name]

[add title]