Letter confirming dismissal (unauthorised absence)

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[add date]

Private and Confidential

[add address]


Dear [add name],

I write further to my letters to you of [add date of 1st letter] and [add date of 2nd letter].

You were required to attend a disciplinary hearing on [date], to discuss the company’s serious concerns about your absence from work and failure to comply with the company’s absence notification procedure. You did not attend for the hearing and we have had no contact from you to explain:

• Your continued absence;
• Your failure to notify the company of the reasons for your absence;
• Your failure to respond to my previous letters;
• Your failure to attend the disciplinary hearing.

As a result, we have had no alternative but to hold the disciplinary hearing in your absence. The hearing was chaired by [name]. [Name] was also present. At the hearing, your absence, its impact on the business and your failure to follow the company’s notification procedure was discussed on the basis of the facts known to the company at the time. It was decided that your employment should be terminated for the following reasons [state grounds for decision].

Your termination date will be [add current date].

You will be paid up to and including the last day you attended for work. You will not be paid for your current period of absence.


[The Company will make a payment to you in lieu of notice. You will also receive payment in respect of any holidays which you have accrued but not taken. All pay owing to you will be [describe arrangements for final pay]. Your P45 will be sent to you shortly.]

Or (if gross misconduct)

[You will also receive payment in respect of any untaken statutory [and contractual] holiday entitlement. All payments owing to you will be [describe arrangements for final pay]. Your P45 will be sent to you shortly.]

You are entitled to appeal against this decision. The appeal will be heard by [name], who has not been involved in this matter to date and has the power to reverse this decision and substitute an alternative penalty if he/she feels it appropriate. If you wish to appeal please let me know in writing within five working days of receiving this letter, stating the reasons why you are lodging an appeal.

Yours sincerely,


[Add name]
[Add title]