Letter confirming summary dismissal (for gross misconduct)

Add/delete information in brackets as appropriate

[add date]

Private and Confidential

[add address]


Dear [add name],

Further to your disciplinary hearing with me on [add date], I write to summarise our discussion and confirm the outcome.

[[add name] was also present at the meeting]. You [were accompanied at the meeting by [add name]] or [chose not to be accompanied at the meeting]

I explained to you the Company’s dissatisfaction with your conduct, which was
[state the precise nature of the misconduct].

You said in response that [summarise what the individual said in their defence].

I have decided that your conduct constitutes gross misconduct and that your explanation about [summarise what the individual said in their defence] was not acceptable because [give reasons]. Having taken all of the facts and circumstances into consideration, I have decided to summarily dismiss you from your employment with immediate effect.

You are entitled to be paid up to today’s date and to receive pay in respect of any untaken statutory [and contractual] holiday entitlement. All payments owing to you will [confirm the arrangements for final payments]. Your P45 will be sent to you in due course.

In line with Company procedures, you have the right to appeal against this decision. The appeal will be heard by [add name and title of person who will deal with the appeal], [who has not previously been involved in this matter]. If you wish to appeal, please write to [add name] at [add address] within five working days of receiving this letter, stating the grounds for your appeal.

Yours sincerely,

[add name]
[add title]