Letter confirming unauthorised absence (1)

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[add date]

Private and Confidential

[add address]


Dear [add name],

RE: Failure to adhere to absence reporting procedures.

According to our records, you have been absent from work since [add date]. During this time you have failed to contact the company to explain the reasons for your absence.

I have tried several times to contact you via your [telephone/mobile phone number] but without success. Your unexpected and unexplained absence has caused considerable difficulties for your [department/team/manager]. We are also concerned for your personal wellbeing and whereabouts.

As you know, you are required to notify the company by [add time] on the first day of any absence from work [or as soon as is reasonably practicable]. If the reason for your absence is illness, you are also required to provide the company with a [self certificate/Doctor’s certificate] after [add number of days] days.

I therefore require you to contact me on [add telephone number] as a matter of urgency by [add appropriate time and date] to inform me of the reason for your absence and give me some indication of when you are likely to return to work.

The company regards your current absence from work as an unauthorised, unpaid absence, in contravention of the company’s absence reporting procedures. You should be aware that the company views unauthorised absence, without good cause, as [serious/gross] misconduct, which may result in disciplinary action being taken against you, including [summary] dismissal.

Yours sincerely,


[Add name]
[Add Title]