Letter confirming unauthorised absence (2)

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[add date]

Private and Confidential

[add address]


Dear [add name],

RE: Failure to adhere to absence reporting procedures.

I write regarding your continued absence from work and your failure to respond to my letter dated [add date of 1st letter].

Since I wrote to you, I have tried without success to contact you on your [telephone/mobile phone number] on [add dates]. I have also [give details/dates of attempts to contact relations/partners/emergency contacts].

You have now been absent from work since [date]. During this time you have made no contact with the company to explain your absence. This is causing significant planning and operational difficulties for your [department/team/manager]. As I explained in my previous letter, the company takes a very serious view of this situation. Absence without good cause and failure to follow the company’s absence notification procedure is regarded as [serious/gross] misconduct and grounds for disciplinary action, including [summary] dismissal.

We have now reached the stage where the company is considering your dismissal. You are required to attend a formal disciplinary hearing to discuss your absence and failure to comply with the company’s absence notification procedure. The hearing will be held on [add time and date]. It will be chaired by [name]. [Name] will also be present. You have the right to be accompanied at this hearing by a work colleague or a trade union representative. If you wish to be accompanied, please let me know the name of the person who will attend the hearing with you, so that I can make any necessary arrangements. You will be given every opportunity in the hearing to respond to the company’s concerns regarding this matter.

If you fail to attend the hearing, without good cause, the hearing will take place in your absence. This means that a decision to dismiss you may be taken in your absence. In any event, you will be notified in writing of the outcome of the hearing and, if disciplinary action is taken, given the opportunity to appeal against the decision.

I sincerely hope that you will reflect on the seriousness of the situation and that you will attend the hearing. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend or if you have any queries on the contents of this letter, please contact me on [add telephone number].

Yours sincerely,

[Add name]
[Add title]