Sick Pay

There are two types of sick pay.  Statutory Sick Pay and Company Sick Pay.

All employees are eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), providing they meet the required criteria of earning at least £116 per week and comply with the employers process for notifying sickness absence.

SSP is currently £92.05 per week.  It is paid from day 4 of any period of sickness absence for a maximum of 28 weeks.  Employers do not have to pay employees for absences of less than 4 days duration.

Some employers may provide Company Sick Pay, which can be whatever the employer chooses it to be, providing it is at least as generous as SSP and clearly defined in the contract of employment or other supporting documentation such as a Staff Handbook.

Company Sick Pay would normally incorporate SSP and not be in addition to SSP.

Whatever the Company’s approach to sick pay, it is important that this clearly defined and that all employees know what the reporting requirements are in order to qualify for sick pay and that decisions regarding sick pay are consistent and not subjective.