eMentoring with ABDO

Mentoring - take your career to the next level

ABDO offers a Peer-to-Peer eMentoring platform, matching experienced professionals with those who want to develop their career. It is a programme where everyone has something to gain.

The benefits of joining the programme include, but are not limited to:

• Improving your self-confidence
• Enhancing peer recognition
• Developing professional relationships
• Reflecting on your own practice

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Mentoring can be a short or long-term relationship, but it will always have purpose and progress. It is a partnership with a clear start and end date where a more experienced individual supports the learning and development of a ‘mentee’ in a specified area.

Mentoring can provide you with a role model. You will learn more about career and training opportunities, widen your support network, receive help with motivation and improve your confidence. You may want different mentors for different areas of your life. Mentoring may need to evolve in line with increased responsibility. Generally, mentors will not be someone in direct authority over you, and usually someone from outside your immediate circle, doing a similar or related role.

Developmental mentoring is about the synergy that two people can create to generate solutions, strategies and action plans, to build on success. An experienced mentor helps you to develop your strengths and potential, and identify your changing needs, values, aspirations and what’s most important to you.

If you are interested in mentoring or being mentored, the ABDO Peer-to-Peer eMentoring platform will help. The programme helps match mentees with mentors, provides methods of communication, mentor training and support material, and technology to enable the relationship.

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