Established in 1990, SightCare is the leading business association for the independent practice, representing a community of approximately 400 like-minded members, from single independent optician practices to small independent practice groups, all of which benefit from the economies of scale our large membership provides.

In recent years, the independent practice has faced many changes and challenges in their business environment, each of which has brought new opportunities, each requiring constant adjustment and change in order to survive and remain successful.

Being part of a large community of independents, our members benefit from our strength in numbers enabling us to make a difference to their business. We know that to succeed, the independent practice has to ally progress with real personality and humanity. That’s why, when you need us, we’re here to help you with expert knowledge, access to specialist business services and networking opportunities throughout the year helping you to get connected with others in your industry.

To see what membership the SightCare Group offers, please visit our website. This highlights the four key areas of support: Growing your Business; Saving You Money; Connecting You; Advice and Support.

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