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ABDO CET and CPD events

ABDO CET and CPD events

ABDO CET and CPD events are one of the ways in which ABDO works towards its objective of supporting and advancing dispensing opticians.

Attending an ABDO regional CET event is a great way to engage with your peers, industry partners and your association. You will take part in interactive and relevant educational sessions and complete part of your regulatory requirement with the GOC by gaining CET points.

ABDO members are welcome to attend any regional CET event free of charge. We also welcome student members and, when possible, have a limited number of competitively priced places for non-members.

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ABDO CET and CPD events (1)

The ABDO CPD national events programme provides opportunities for education in specific scopes of practice with focused learning and development. Where suitable, these events may additionally offer CET points, as well as provide opportunities to explore relevant formal education pathways.

ABDO CET and CPD events

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How to book onto an ABDO CET or CPD event

There are two ways to book onto an ABDO CET event:

Booking via invitation email

All members are registered within an ABDO region and you will receive an invitation email for CET events in your region when booking opens.

Please note, our systems only allow us to register a member in one ABDO region. If you wish to change the ABDO region you receive emails for please contact the CET office on 01206 734155.

When you receive your email, click on the REGISTER button to view further details about the event, access the event agenda and progress to booking. The event agenda is normally available on the ABDO website six to eight weeks in advance of the event.

ABDO CET and CPD events

Alternatively, if you are not interested in attending this event click on the DECLINE button and you will not receive any further information regarding this event. You will still be registered to receive future event information in your ABDO region.

Booking via the ABDO website

Booking for ABDO CET events usually opens four weeks prior to the event. If you have identified a CET event that interests you in the events listings, click through Read full event details to view more information and access the event agenda.

If you wish to book onto the event, once booking is open click on BOOK NOW.

Continuing to book your place

The following page will then open in your internet browser. This is the information page for the event.

If you are viewing on a PC, to access information on the agenda, location and sponsors you can use the hyperlinked buttons at the top right of the screen. Depending on the device you are using to access the page, these may be in a drop down menu box.

ABDO CET and CPD events

If you are using a smart phone or tablet the hyperlinked buttons do not appear however, you can still view this information by scrolling down the page until you see the agenda.

ABDO CET and CPD events

Keep scrolling to see information on the event Sponsors (you can click left or right on these to see who is attending) and further below for the location information.

ABDO CET and CPD events