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Can I reglaze a pair of safety spectacles?

U2.5.3 Can I reglaze a pair of safety spectacles? (2010)

The answer is as always yes and no! Yes, if the patient has some safety frames, in good condition, which they may wish to use as a spare pair of spectacles. No if the patient requires the article to still be ‘safety spectacles’. Once a safety appliance has been tampered with – to whatever degree, they are no longer safety spectacles and the patient has no protection in law if an accident occurs. This is a fact you may like to remind your patients of when they pull off the side shields because they look unsightly!

Think very carefully before you do anything to a safety appliance, even a replacement screw could invalidate the appliance. The obvious question though is why anyone would want to reglaze a safety frame? They are functional, rarely attractive or comfortable and inexpensive to replace the whole item. Why take a risk?

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