20th Scottish Glaucoma Club symposium: 18 June

The Scottish Glaucoma Club is holding its 20th Scottish Glaucoma Symposium on Friday 18 June.

The virtual event begins at 9am and finishes at 5pm – and is free to join.

Dr Donald Montgomery, chairman of the Scottish Glaucoma Club, will give an introduction and welcome.

The main sessions of the day are titled:

  • ‘Glaucoma service delivery 2021 and onwards’ – chaired by Andreas Syrogiannis
  • ‘Guidelines and future strategies’ – chaired by Caroline Cobb
  • Glaucoma treatments and stability’ – chaired by Andrew Tatham
  • ‘A better glaucoma world?’ – chaired by Donald Montgomery

View and download a copy of the programme here.

Register for the symposium here.