ABDO launches management training courses

“Ideal next step for any manager”

Today (25 January 2020) sees the launch by ABDO of a new series of training courses and qualifications in association with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The new Level 5 Management & Leadership qualification for ABDO members, assessed by the CMI, was officially launched at 100% Optical.

Nick Walsh, ABDO sector skills development officer, said: “If you are a manager or aspire to a management role, ask yourself this question: in the last 12 months, how many hours have I spent on structured management training or learning for myself?

“As a manager, you need to make time for your own development; this will improve the success of the business, the effectiveness and morale of the team, as well as brining benefits to your career. These new courses from ABDO are the ideal next step for any manager, whether you are just starting out or looking to formalise your knowledge and experience gained in practice.

“ABDO Management & Leadership training is a great way to turn any informal learning into a recognised qualification through a course of study and assessment. The qualification awarded by CMI is well recognised. Students get membership of CMI and access to the support and materials that they offer including the fantastic ManagementDirect online resource,” Nick explained, adding: “It is an ideal way for employers to develop existing managers and train up those aspiring to a role in management.”

ABDO training is via e-learning, removing the need for time away from the business to complete study. There will be optional workshops to allow students to extend their knowledge. The qualification can be completed at either a diploma or certificate level.

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