Deadline for PCSE claims approaches

Ophthalmic contractors and performers in England have until Friday 8 September 2017 to submit a claim relating to GOS payment or performers list delays in 2016-17, in the processes agreed with NHS England.

LOCSU and the Optical Confederation have reminded contractors that they can claim for interest on late payments and an administration allowance for each late payment they have experienced from Primary Care Support England (PCSE). This applies to GOS sight tests and/or voucher claims submitted up to 31 March 2017. NHS England will also consider claims for reimbursement of bank charges and other costs incurred as a result of late payment where evidence can be provided.

A dedicated form has been provided for claims, which should be emailed to by Friday 8 September 2017 with “Ophthalmic payment claim – contractor name – contractor code” in the subject header. Guidance on completing the form can be found on the LOCSU website.

Optometrists who have suffered a delay in obtaining an NHS England Performers List number can submit a claim for a goodwill payment from NHS England. Details of the delay, including the date they first submitted their application to the Performers List to PCSE and the date they received their OPL number, should be emailed to by Friday 8 September 2017 with “Ophthalmic NPL claim – optometrist name – OPL number” in the subject header.

Optical sector representative on the PCSE Stakeholder Forum, Dr Peter Hampson, said: “It is important that all contractors and performers are aware of the opportunity for submitting claims relating to GOS payment or performers list delays, as announced in LOCSU Hot Brief 60, and that the deadline is approaching fast. Many contractors in England have faced considerable levels of disruption due to GOS payment issues so we urge GOS contractors to check their payments’ records and complete the ophthalmic payment delay form by 8 September if they think they may be eligible to make a claim.”

Dr Hampson, speaking on behalf of the Optical Confederation and LOCSU, added: “We are also conscious that a significant number of optometrists have been impacted by delays in the processing of applications to the Ophthalmic Performers List, so we also encourage anyone who feels they have been affected to email their details to the specified address for consideration.”