Earth Day: contact lens disposal

Four new infographics to encourage responsible contact lens recycling have been launched ahead of Earth Day on Saturday 22 April.

The Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE) developed the charts for eye health professionals to spread awareness and encourage reuse, recycling, recovery and responsible disposal. They are available to share on social and digital media.

In a bylined article published earlier this month in the UK, CORE lead clinical scientist, Alison Ng, and CORE director Lyndon Jones acknowledge that “most major contact lens manufacturers have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to sustainable practices” by preventing waste as well as encouraging reuse, recycling, recovery and responsible disposal.

The graphics aim to help wearers better understand how they can enjoy the benefits of contact lenses while being active participants in sustainable behaviour.

Download the infographics at CORE graphics.

CORE, based at the University of Waterloo in Canada, will be sharing the images on social media next week @COREeyenews