Equality, diversity and inclusion monitoring of the optical professions

The GOC has discussed its Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) monitoring report 2017/18.The EDI monitoring report is based on data collected from registrants. All data is anonymised to ensure that individuals cannot be identified within the report.

Information from the EDI monitoring report helps the GOC to understand more about the optical professions and avoid any unintended barriers for registrants or the public.

The report found that 62 per cent of optometrists and dispensing opticians are women, a record high for the professions. There has been a year on year increase in the percentage of female registrants.

As part of the 2019 GOC registration process, registrants will be asked to verify their EDI information or provide it for the first time if they have not done so previously.  Providing EDI remains voluntary for registrants, but Council were keen to stress its importance for helping the GOC to understand the make-up of the professions and tackle any possible barriers to fairness.