Funny turn for National Eye Health Week

Style Optique of Market Drayton is partnering with comedian chef, George Egg, to deliver a free, fun and educational virtual comedy/cooking show at its local Ginger and Spice Festival in celebration of National Eye Health Week.

The event will be hosted on the Ginger and Spice Festival website, as the festival is being delivered in a virtual capacity this year, and will feature George Egg demonstrating how to cook nutritious food for optimum eye health in his traditional, anarchistic style.

The short video will be available from 23-27 September via the What’s On section of the website,

Sam Dave, practice owner and optometrist, said: “National Eye Health Week coincides with the locally based Ginger and Spice Festival, which is a fantastic local celebration of food.

“As eating nutritious food is an important part of maintaining optimum eye health, we felt the festival was a great vehicle to promote this message to the local community.”