Mido cancels 2020 show

It has been announced today that Mido will not go ahead in July as previously planned. Instead, the show will run from 6-8 February 2021 and include a celebration of its 50th anniversary.

“The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in Italy and its swift spread to the rest of the world, along with doubts about when the crisis will normalise globally, have forced us to make the painful, but crucial, decision to safeguard exhibitors and visitors, buyers and stakeholders, staff and everyone involved in the organisation, management and operation of the show,” said Mido president Giovanni Vitaloni.

“The 50th anniversary edition is being moved to 2021 and we are convinced it will bring a new lease on life to the eyewear industry in Italy and abroad. Our focus, and that of all industry professionals, is to inject new vitality into a healthy economic system that – although slowed by the public health crisis – has never lost its driving force.”

The 50th edition of Mido will take place about three weeks earlier than usual from Saturday to Monday 6-8 February 2021 at Fiera Milano Rho.

“This is a significant change, one we had planned to announce during the 2020 edition,” continued Giovanni. “By moving the date forward several weeks, we can give an additional boost to the eyewear business globally and in Italy.

“During these perplexing times, in an ongoing scenario of diminishing revenues and increasing costs, national and international businesses are struggling to strike a balance between the need to keep working and the essential task of ensuring the safety of their employees. This is why we must make certain that, once the pandemic has peaked, businesses know they can count on Mido to showcase their collections, machinery, ophthalmic innovations, tech inventions and, each in their own field of specialisation, get back to doing business.

“By fostering an alliance between exhibitors and visitors, in a climate of restored confidence, Mido can play a crucial role in the recovery,” he added.

The digital platform, Mido4U, continues to serve as a key resource for visitors and exhibitors.