New “Not Just A DO ” social media campaign from ABDO #NotJustaDO

Have you seen the hashtag #NotJustaDO on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) is launching the Not Just a DO Campaign with the aim of raising the profile of the range of activities carried out by Dispensing Opticians and Contact Lens Opticians(CLOs).

Alongside fitting contact lenses, CLOs are now able to take part in Minor Eye Condition Schemes once they have had the appropriate training. Dispensing Opticians are well known for being the practice expert in frames and lenses, but alongside this many have specialisms in fitting children and assisting people with low vision. Beyond that, DOs are involved in a realm of activities from research to clinical governance and have expertise in fields such as leadership and management, sports vision or dry eye.

The campaign showcases different DOs every week, and kicked off with Simone Mason, ABDO Sub-regional lead who is also Performance Lead for Primary Eyecare (Heart of West Midlands) Ltd and a Digital Learning and Support Officer for LOCSU. In coming weeks you can find out about the work of a product specialist and an independent practise owner.

ABDO Head of Communications says, “The campaign arose from the feeling that DOs can be undervalued as a member of the practice staff. We would love the wider professions to understand the full benefits of having a DO on your team.”

Check out ABDO social media and the website for case studies of dispensing opticians as well as a guide for the public about what a dispensing optician is and what they do.


This new campaign depends on DOs sharing their story, so we would love practitioners to get involved. Why not:

·  Share the ‘More than a DO’ page and case studies on your social media channels:

·  Share your personal story, either by being a case study or posting on social media with the hashtag #NotJustaDo

·   Let ABDO know via social media or email about days when you go the extra mile

·   Share positive news stories about dispensing opticians across social media with the hashtag #NotJustaDo