Risk in the Optical Profession

ABDO would encourage members to respond to the General Optical Council (GOC) survey relating to Risk in the Optical Profession which you can find here.

Over a significant period of time ABDO members have demonstrated that they operate safely in a practice environment in what is widely regarded as a low risk profession. Clearly this is a major positive and is reflected proportional with Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) annual premiums.

It is our belief that by virtue of the skill, ability and professionalism, risk will continue to be minimal based on the commitment to deliver high quality eyecare along with the on-going requirement to complete CET/CPD as outlined by the GOC.

Risk in our profession can occur in many elements, for example poorly dispensed spectacles in the case of those who drive, falls in the elderly or paediatric patients looking over the top of their spectacles during the critical period. Additionally there is the role of contact lens practitioners with expanded responsibility and the duty of care of all dispensing opticians to refer appropriately. Pleasingly and evidentially, they are essentially negated by skilful well calculated clinical decision making by registered dispensing opticians. Whilst most will respond based on their own abilities we would encourage members during deliberations to consider carefully the implications of risk across the wider sector.