SightCare and Storm announce strategic alliance

SightCare and Storm have announced a strategic alliance to support independent practices across the UK. This alliance aims to bring business owners, and their staff, leading business tools and service offerings to help accelerate return on investment. It will also help build greater confidence in their business initiatives and technology implementations.

The alliance provides for collaboration, co-innovation, joint offerings and various activities across relevant SightCare business support services and STORM online business tools. The alliance will provide key business services that cover all elements required to successfully run an independent optical practice. By working together, the alliance will give a message to the independent sector that by being part of a strong and growing community more can be achieved and a wider audience engaged with.

SightCare has a successful history working with independent practice owners to provide SME business focused capabilities to optometrists, dispensing opticians and business directors across the independent sector. One such offering is SightCare’s portfolio of business development programmes designed to help independent business owners understand the key issues involved in running a successful practice and how they can influence these to improve their bottom line.

The combined experience of the STORM team – across all aspects of the market – brings tried and tested online tools, resources and strategies that have already helped to transform many businesses. The STORM Hub provides access to several online systems that will help independent businesses get in shape. These include the performance tracker, social media platform, automated customer feedback technology and customer experience dashboard, amongst others.

As part of this alliance SightCare and STORM announce an offering which gives SightCare members and STORM subscribers an exclusive saving on the STORM HUB and the SightCare annual membership respectively.

SightCare CEO, John French, said, “This alliance combines our experience of independent business support services with STORM’s experience in the technical environment in which our clients operate to deliver a powerful proposition. Working together as an integrated team, combining advisory services and innovative products, we will be able to connect on both existing and future initiatives to help our members’ maximise their technology investments and drive better business outcomes.”

STORM co-founder, David Samuel, said, “I have always been passionate about independent optical practice and this alliance is an excellent opportunity to work together with SightCare to help people with independent practices thrive and grow. This relationship enables an ever-widening group of energised business owners to achieve their professional and personal goals supported by SightCare’s portfolio of business services and STORM’s online systems.”