The ISO standards global survey/questionnaire about Power and Prism measurement practices

The International Standard for Mounted Spectacle Lenses is adopted in the UK as BS EN ISO21987.  It contains methods for verifying whether a pair of finished spectacles complies with the prescription order, both for power and prismatic imbalance.

However different measurement methods are practiced which may result in different pass/fail levels. This can cause confusion and disagreement between, for example, laboratory and practice/store.

To resolve the disagreements and to improve ISO21987, ISO has decided to conduct an online global survey/questionnaire to gather data about the actual practices used by industry and the optometric and dispensing professions around the world. This project is supported by the British Standards committee responsible for spectacle frames and lenses (CH/172/3) and, in turn, by ABDO, The College of Optometrists, the FMO, FODO and the WCSM.

It is very important that this survey be completed by the people who perform the power and prism inspection of the completed spectacles or finished uncut lenses, not their supervisors.

ISO are asking companies and practices to complete the survey here:

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