Training module for clinical governance and performance leads launched

As the number of primary eye care companies commissioned to deliver community eye services increases, clinical governance and performance lead play a pivotal role. To support them, LOCSU has developed an online training module ‒ available in the members’ area of the LOCSU website.

The module consists of a series of slide decks containing:

  • A library of essential reading via online links
  • An explanation of the process to accredit subcontractor practices and practitioners when implementing a new service
  • A guide to downloading management data from the OptoManager IT platform
  • A video featuring actors Seeta Indrani and Lee Moone about communicating with subcontractors
  • Advice and guidance on preparing for that all-important review meeting with commissioners
  • Suggested information to present to the LOC Company Board

LOC company clinical governance and performance leads and their deputies are encouraged to complete the training as soon as possible.

A webinar for participating clinical governance and performance leads has been scheduled for Tuesday 1st April at 6pm to gather feedback on the new training. Email along with the name of your LOC company to secure a place.

Access to training module is available in the members’ pages of the LOCSU website. If you require login details or have difficulty logging in, please contact Jacque Hudson, LOCSU office manager by email at for assistance.