Winter Examination Dates

The dates for our Winter Examinations are as follows:


Contact Lens Examinations


5th December 2018

CL Anatomy

CL Visual Optics


6th December 2018

CL Practice


From 7th January 2019 

CL Practical

Dispensing Examinations 


5th December 2018

2015 Syllabus

Units 3&4 Theory of Ophthalmic Dispensing/Advanced Theory of OL

Unit 5 Abnormal Ocular Conditions & Standards of Practice

Unit 6 Ocular Anatomy


6th December 2018

Unit 9 Assess/Management of Refractive Errors

Unit 10 Low Vision in OD

Unit 11 Basic Principles of CL Wear


5th December 2018

2008 Syllabus

Unit 4&5 Theory of Ophthalmic Dispensing/Advanced Theory in OL

Unit 6 Professional Conduct in Ophthalmic Dispensing

Unit 7 Communication in Ophthalmic Dispensing


6th December 2018

Unit 8 Assessment & Management of Refractive Management

Unit 9 Low Vision in Ophthalmic Dispensing

Unit 10 Basic Principles in Contact Lens wear