World Sight Day to highlight child health

Parents, carers and one million children around the world are encouraged to pledge to #LoveYourEyes in the lead-up to World Sight Day on 10 October. 

Peter Holland, chief executive of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), said: “We all know that in children an uncorrected vision impairment can severely impact their education. 

“Research tells us that children with access to and being prescribed spectacles can reduce failing rates by 44 per cent. It is knowledge like this that has led us to make World Sight Day 2024 one for children around the world.” 

The IAPB and Love Your Eyes partners are calling on parents, caregivers, and schools to pledge an eye test on behalf of a child – stating that a pledge to #LoveYourEyes will raise awareness of the 450 million young people globally who have a sight condition that needs treatment. 

The IAPB has developed a series of opportunities to get involved in World Sight Day:

  • Schools and organisations are encouraged to participate in the challenge by offering vision screening.
  • Carers and parents on behalf of their children are invited to make a #LoveYourEyes pledge
  • Teachers are invited to use World Sight Day resources to inspire children to take care of their eyes now, and long into the future

Caroline Casey, president of IAPB, said: “IAPB has proven that when we work together, we create noise and an enthusiasm that is hard to ignore. I am calling on everyone to work to ensure that children around the world have access to clear, healthy vision. We invite you to take ownership of the Love Your Eyes campaign, use our resources to be bold, have fun and create moments that cannot be overlooked.” 

IAPB and the International Labour Organization will continue campaigning on the 2023 theme of prioritising eyecare in the workplace.