Press Release: ABDO updates constitutions

At its consultation day last week, members of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) voted to pass amendments to the Association’s rules, enabling a wider pool of members to consider standing for the role. 

Clive Marchant FBDO, ABDO president, explained the thinking behind the move: “In recent years, the activities of the Association have grown enormously. Subsequently, the president’s role has expanded to encompass two roles: as an ambassador representing the Association at home and abroad at graduations and many inter-professional events; and chair of the ABDO board, attending a vast variety of internal and external meetings. Most members are employed DOs and have family commitments, so the current presidential workload could be prohibitive to many considering taking on the presidential role.”

The changes to the Articles of Association will enable those elected from within the board to either take on the full presidential role or to have a split role. The latter would entail being a ceremonial president without chairing the board and undertaking the political role, or vice versa. If an individual elected from within the board elects to only take on the political role and chair the board, the changes enable the board to elect a ceremonial president outside of the board from the wider ABDO membership.

Clive continued, “We hope that these changes will encourage and enable more members to come forward to seek election to the board and consider progressing to president or chairman of the board. It will also enable those outside of the board to take on a ceremonial presidential role.”

A Special General Meeting of the ABDO Benevolent Fund also voted on amendments to the Trust Deed to bring it up-to-date and in line with modern governance.


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